Maybe I Went Too Far

I was doing some editing for a new portfolio. I’ve been digging back many years when I stumbled on this picture. It’s a street scene from Shanghai, China. Originally, I tried to paint it. I’m not so sure how that worked. Now, I’ve just sort of upgraded it a little. Sort of like a producer does to a musician’s songs. I guess they call that making the song more sonically contemporary.

So. This portfolio. I told a friend of mine that I wanted it to be lean and mean. I said that I wanted it to be around 20-25 pictures. So far, after the first edit, it consists of 624 pictures. Does that sound lean and mean? It sounds fat and flabby to me. But, in my own indecisive defense, I am adding a lot of similar images and experiments just so I can play them off of each other and see how they fit together since I think that portfolio needs an ebb and flow. It might not tell a story, but it ought to lead the viewer in some direction. Besides, nobody shoots that many good pictures.

Anyway. Shanghai Street.



4 responses to “Maybe I Went Too Far”

  1. Pamela Hodgdon Avatar
    Pamela Hodgdon

    A very surreal feeling. I like the colors.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. Shanghai si a little surreal. 🙂


  2. veraersilia Avatar

    This street reminds me of quasi-nightmares I used to have, finding myself in strange city streets …
    a very effective picture it is. Keep adding to those 624 pictures. Some of us cannot ever have enough.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. I try to get lost on strange city streets. I have plenty, but that collection needs editing. No client wants to see that many pictures. From anybody.


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