When I was photographing The Bank, located in Central City, the owner took me to another building that he uses as a workshop. He restores some furniture there. He also builds new, better-than-original furniture and house details there. I happened to wander into a back room and found the tools of his trade hanging neatly up against a back window. Pretty old school looking tools if you ask me. I couldn’t resist, so I made this picture. Not much to it. F8 and be there. A little post production to open up the details and that’s it. 



4 responses to “Tools.”

  1. letizia Avatar

    I always love photographs of workshops and tools. The beauty of the craft, whatever craft it may be. Lovely photo.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. I was lucky to even see these tools. They were hidden in a very dark corner.


  2. veraersilia Avatar

    Again a great picture. Almost an abstract. I too love tools.


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