A Change of Season

New Orleans Spring

I was looking at my posts for the past few weeks. Seems like I’ve been plumbing some pretty dark depths. Moody. Dark. Deep. Yes. I think that I made some nice pictures. But, they are getting a little dark. Even for me. So, I started looking around in my last few weeks of shooting and found this picture. I made it on Easter Sunday. I found this little bitty detail in Pirates Alley behind the St. Louis Cathedral. I also found out the back garden behind the cathedral is called St. Anthony’s Garden. It is the place where I’ve made that picture that many people call “Touchdown Jesus.” I’m one of those people. Anyway, this picture has a nice light feel to it. It feels like spring. It even has a strand of purple Mardi Gras beads hung over a classic wrought iron fence. No, I didn’t put them there. But, the thought did occur to me. This is just what it looks like. A nice spring day in New Orleans.  I hate to say it, but these days are coming to an end. Already. Today. 80 plus degrees and humid. Yes. Humid. Sheesh. It’s only mid-April.

Oh yeah. A little housekeeping. I’ve started reworking my old Photoshelter website. I’ve added a lot of pictures which you’ve seen. But, there is a pretty nice collection of images that you haven’t seen. Take a quick look. There are pictures from all over the place. And, there is a lot of my older work. People pictures. Stuff like that. Here’s the site.  laskowitz-pictures.photoshelter.com Enjoy it.




2 responses to “A Change of Season”

  1. veraersilia Avatar

    ahh… a simple innocent picture without hidden meanings… bravo! v.


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