From The Shadows

Emerging from the shadows comes a solitary walker.
Emerging from the shadows comes a solitary walker.

So subtle. I was doing my usual thing. Wandering around some place looking for pictures when the sun fell low enough in the horizon to create the strong side light that I like when I’m photographing old buildings. For the record, there is no shortage of old buildings in New Orleans.  After all, it’s an old city. A city that care forgot. That used to be one of the city’s nicknames. But, as I tool around looking for images, I’m starting to see a lot of care as the city very quietly renovates itself. Now that I thoroughly lead you astray, let’s get back on topic.

The picture is the result of good timing, or maybe, a lack of timing. The best place for a silhouette to be located would have been in that bright area of light. But, I couldn’t get there fast enough. The subject looked like he was coming home from work and wanted to get to his destination. So I made the picture when I could, which was just as he entered into the deep shadow.  When I was leaving the scene, I thought to myself, “well, that’s a missed opportunity.” It wasn’t until I moved into the curating phase of my workflow that I saw the picture for what it is… something that is a little bit mysterious and moody. From a more compositional standpoint, the silhouette seems to be a good counterpoint to the brightly lighted area of the picture. What do y’all think? Does it work for you?



4 responses to “From The Shadows”

  1. Kathy Avatar

    I prefer him in the shadows, causes me to stop and look deeper into the photo. Would totally change the picture with him in the light.

    Hope your doing okay.


  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you for your comment, Kathy. I wish more people would do it. When times get a little “sporty,” I try very hard to stay busy. And, busy I am. 🙂


  3. LightCentric Avatar

    I like it. The positioning of him also balances against the truck. The corner of the building keeps it from looking like he is walking out of the image. To me, the drama in this image is the lighting. The truck and the silhouette are nice, subtle details. Nice image, Ray.


  4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you, Andy. That side lighting is one of the things I look for, and try to plan for. Very hard to do in most cities. But, in New Orleans it’s exceptionally hard because the city wraps itself around the river — after all it’s The Crescent City — making the sun look like it reise and sets in strange places.


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