Faded Door, A Door Knob and Screws

The devil, they say, is in the details.
The devil, they say, is in the details.

Details. Sometimes that’s where the most telling picture lies. Seeing them has become sort of an art to me. Instead of hand-eye coordination, it’s more like eye-brain coordination. You can walk right by them and they don’t register. And, I wasn’t trying to catch a decisive moment. What is decisive in this picture? Not much. Rust never sleeps. Corrosion never stops. You might catch it as it happens, but there is nothing about it that turns on a dime. For me, the one thing that helps this picture and likely caught my eye is the faded and worn green. It looks turquoise now, but I’m pretty sure it started out as Vieux Carre Green. That’s a very old New Orleans color that you can still order at Sherwin-Williams.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at Ray@Laskowitzpicturess.com or Pictures34@me.com. For a quick look at my work please go to www.laskowitzpictures.com.

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