Fall Arrives in The Neighborhood

Even in Central City there is evidence of fall weather.
Even in Central City there is evidence of fall weather.

It’s a little different in the cement filled neighborhoods in which I often work. Even though it’s the more seedy side of life upon which I tend to focus in these particular neighborhoods, there are little bits of color here and there… especially in the fall, which arrives a lot later in the year down here in Southeast Louisiana. That’s wonderful. I live in a place where “everything grows,” as my old Creole neighbor told me when I asked what vegetables to plant. And, we have two growing seasons. One in spring, like normal. And, one in October when the temperatures drop a little.

Anyway. These leaves were likely green a week or two ago. Now, they are turning colors. A little. We’d have better fall color if we had colder weather earlier in the year. But, we don’t. We couldn’t have two growing seasons if we had cold weather.

I made this picture in Hollygrove or Leonidas, or wherever I really was at the time. I get confused at some of our neighborhood boundaries. It’s not all on me. New Orleans’ neighborhood boundaries are pretty organic and some names change with the passing of generations.

So. For those of you who are new to Storyteller as of last night, welcome. Thank you, Lesley Carter. Don’t worry if these pictures aren’t quite your cup of tea. My more long-term readers know that I’m in the middle of a very long form project about the rebirth of certain New Orleans neighborhoods following the storm. That’s what local folk call Hurricane Katrina. The neighborhood is mostly Central City, which is one of the poorest areas in New Orleans. It is one neighborhood that you did not see on CNN as you watched an American city flood and be turned into something you never thought could happen in The United States. The good news is that we are coming back. Maybe better than ever. But, there is still a lot to do.

I will eventually get back to my more normal bright and energetic color. If you’d like to see more of my more “usual” work please poke around in my archives. Hopefully, you’ll see pictures that you like.


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