Goin’ Back

St. Francis de Asis Mission Church
St. Francis de Asis Mission Church

I decided to take a step back. Lots of stuff going on around here. All good.


I took a walk through my image files. I ended up in New Mexico.

I’ve always liked New Mexico. After the storm, we took refuge there for a few years. It was a great place to heal. But, after a few years the call of the swamp was too strong.

So. We went home.

But, I made a lot of pictures there. After all, New Mexico is the home of all kinds of artists and photographers.

I made this picture in Ranch de Taos. You’ve seen many pictures of this place, I’m sure. It is the St. Francisco de Asis Mission Church. Everybody paints it. Photographs it. Sketches it. Famous artists like Ansel Adams. Georgia O’Keeffe. Paul Strand. Ned Scott. Your neighbor. The guy down the street. Some guy from Queens, New York. Me.

I happened to be coming into town from the north when the sky lighted up like only it can in New Mexico. I tried to make the picture as minimalist as I could so that I could focus on the setting sunlight. What you see is what you get. F8 and be there. That sort of thing. Post production is also minimalist.



2 responses to “Goin’ Back”

  1. vera ersilia Avatar
    vera ersilia

    I like it a lot. Supernatural almost, in its simplicity.


  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you very much, Very. Wait until you see what’s coming. I can’t seem to take pictures, but I am busy reworking some older, unpublished images.


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