Out on the road. Again.
Out on the road. Again.

Photographer’s luck. I was on my way to one place, spaced out, took the wrong direction and ended up on this highway. I knew were I was going. I really wasn’t lost. I just went the wrong way. I just had a momentary brain freeze. Eventually, I worked my way back to where I wanted to be in the first place. I was a little bit late. But I made it there in the time frame that I wanted.

But…  this is a great illustration of being in the right place at the right time. If I had gone the right way, I’d have never made this picture. I would never had this light. And, I would never crossed this bridge at the right time of day.

That said, you’re going to have to open this picture up. The small version of it just isn’t very powerful. Larger? That’s another thing. You can see those little pin points of red tail lights. In many ways that makes this picture.

You know me. Point. Shoot. Through the windshield. Without actually looking through the viewfinder or even LCD. Just me. No other driver. I’ve tried it the other way. Somebody else drives. I sit in the passenger seat. I actually focus and compose. That doesn’t work. The lines aren’t right. The angles aren’t right.




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