We all go... in circles.
We all go… in circles.

Sometimes you see it. Sometimes you can’t miss it. I was on my way to someplace else when this wall just reached out and hit me in the head. Right between the eyes.


How could I miss this? I intentionally left out anything that could add scale, but the biggest circle is at least 15 x 15 feet. The circles are attached to the side of a building. I’m sure that it works as a landmark as well as some kind of marketing. But, there isn’t a sign, so I don’t know what these circles are selling.

Someplace else was the Sunday second line. I arrived there. I looked at everybody lining up and left. I couldn’t do it. I’ve being coming to this moment for a while. Not only I have still not recovered completely from last week and my aches and pains, but I’ve been losing my desire. I was talking to a friend of mine last week via email and she said that maybe it was time to stop for a while. Maybe the project was over. That I’d made a lot of good pictures. I replied that I’d gotten a little OCD about it and that it really wasn’t a project in the sense that it has time limit.


Like many things in my life, I decided on the spot. In the moment.


Not to worry. I talked to my gurus when I got home. That was after wandering around and doing what I do. Photographing what I see. In bright color. After I made today’s picture. With their sage advice, I decided how to move forward with New Orleans culture. I won’t photograph EVERY second line. I’ll photograph the bigger ones, the jazz funerals and when visitors want to go out and see something that they normally wouldn’t see. We have a lot of visitors around this place. But, that’s great fun. Just seeing the looks on their faces is worth being out.

We’ll see how that goes. Knowing me, I’ll probably let myself get drawn back into it fully. But, I need a little break. At least.

The most interesting thing about this is something you don’t know. That I don’t say out loud very often. I truly dislike crowds. It has nothing to do with anything like crime or violence or any of that stuff. It’s just me. But, I’m proud of myself. If you looked at my second line pictures you know one thing. I’m right in the middle of crowds. Big crowds. Moving crowds. Noisy crowds.

This picture. I saw it. I stopped. I worked it. I have a lot of variations on this theme. I doubt that you’ll see them. I was taught very early on that in cases like this, more is less. Absolutely. Give ’em your best picture. Absolutely.

In case you are wondering, I enhanced it a little in post production. But, mostly just to add color to the already bright color.

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