South of Santa Fe


“Well, they say that Santa Fe is less than ninety miles away, And I got time to roll a number and rent a car. Oh, Albuquerque. I’ve been flyin’ down the road, and I’ve been starvin’ to be alone, And independent from the scene that I’ve known. Albuquerque. So I’ll stop when I can, find some fried eggs and country ham. I’ll find somewhere where they don’t care who I am. Oh, Albuquerque, Albuquerque.” — Neil Young

That about says it all. Out on the road somewhere. Flying along. Taking pictures through the windshield of my car. This one was made a few miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. On Interstate 25, where the speed limit is 75 miles per hour, which meant most traffic was blowing along at around 90 miles per hour.

I did have a sort of interesting revelation while I’ve been editing, er, culling, my work for the project that I described to you. I’ve been taking pictures to their extremes for at least a decade. Maybe longer. I just never did much with them. I wasn’t sure that they had a place. So they languished in my archives as experiments. Not anymore…



5 responses to “South of Santa Fe”

  1. diespringerin Avatar

    Oh, I love road pictures … I so, so love road pictures.

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  2. robert87004 Avatar

    This brought a smile, I remember watching the storm clouds build and knowing la Bajada hill was coming up. Yep, about 90 right after passing the State Police that hang around St Francis Drive or the racetrack. I like these treatments, is that the right word? Makes the photos more dynamic.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. Racetrack… Yes, treatments. That’s exactly what I need. A treatment. For my brain.

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      1. robert87004 Avatar



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