The Bridge

Summer sky.

It was the cloud that I wanted.

The cloud that was reflecting the setting sun. The silhouetted bridge and power pole are just added bonuses. You know. Luck. Photographer’s luck.

Keep moving. Go outside your door. Luck just sort of happens.

Unfortunately, I miss a lot of pictures like this. I’m not often any place with a really great subject when this sort of light happens, as it did last night. Sort of another kind of luck. The luck of the draw.


Eventually, I’ll get back to chasing pictures for their own sake. I am on Monday. Not just for their own sake, but that’s another story. But, guess what? Weather predictions for Monday are for heavy overcast. The “Big American Solar Eclipse” may be blocked from our view. I’m not worried. The weather changes so much around here that five-day forecasts are meaningless.

On the other hand…

You know all those giant supermoons? I haven’t made a picture. We’ve had heavy clouds for every one of them.

The picture. Sort of F8 and be there. Add some glow in post to help you see what I feel. How much F8 and be there? It was like this. I was driving to someplace else. “Oh, gosh. Look at that cloud in the sun. I”d better find a place to take a picture.” I pull over. I look up and thought, “Would you look at that? A bridge,”

That’s how it went.



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