Falling Windows

Falling through the skylights.

A kind of little picture. That grew bigger.

This one is all on me. I have no idea why I didn’t see this before. I guess that I should look up more often. When you walk with dogs, you look down a lot. You don’t want them accidentally tripping you up. Especially on our streets which often looks like Berlin 1946. Even the sidewalk in front of the house is a mess. Up. Down. Cracked. Broken. Roots pushing through. Grass peeking through.

Should I repair it or not? I would. But, I can’t. It’s a funny thing. If we had a sidewalk with a strip of grass growing on the street side, the grass would be mine. The sidewalk is the city’s. If I repair it on my own, I’m guilty of something. Likely, working without a permit since I wouldn’t be issued one anyway.

It’s so much fun living in an ancient city that is built on a swamp. Okay, okay. My neighborhood wasn’t so swampy. It’s on high ground. It’s six feet above sea level, which makes it high ground compared to 80% of the city. But, the soil still shifts and sinks. It’s sort of like quick sand. Oh well. Now that New Orleans is rapidly gentrifying, our house is worth a lot more than we paid for it only four years ago. If we move, we win. Or, lose. Something like that.


I made this picture in the shop/storage space/junk drop/tool shed/refuge. It’s also a sort of pass through between one out building and the next. When the dogs and I finish our walks we generally walk through this room. I looked up. Yes. I did have to do some work in post production. The contrast between extreme highlights and deep shadows was just too much. So, I messed with it some and darkened the shadows to emphasize the highlights.

Have fun.

Oh, funny thing. When I ran this through spell check it wanted to turn gentrifying into petrifying. That’s about that same thing. Heh!



4 responses to “Falling Windows”

  1. arlene Avatar

    Nice, nice, nice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you. And, I didn’t even have leave the house to do it.


  3. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    Berlin 1946 creates an image …. i like the story in the sky…the angle works for me too 🤓☺️


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      New Orleans streets often look bombed out. We are getting a new mayor tonight. We had a choice between one who is supported by big money and one who used her city council credit card for personal expenses. If you ask them specific question about streets or crime neither one has a clue what to do.


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