Headed in the Right Direction

Winter sky.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

This picture, for instance, looks like a sunset. It’s not. It’s a reflection of a sunset. It’s all optics and physics. This picture is made looking south and east. Since when does the sun set in the east? It confused me for a while until I realized that the light from the setting sun was bouncing all over the place in the post storm sky. That’ll happen. Especially in the clear light of winter. Yes. Even in the swamp.

The whole thing got me thinking about perspective. About changing your view in order to change yourself. For instance, I’m in some physical pain. I wrote about that a few posts ago. That pain seems to have helped me to understand the pain of others. I was talking about Tom Petty. And, to a far lesser extent, Prince. I get it. They were trying to medicate severe physical pain.


What if? What if I flipped this around? What if I thought that my immobility is slight compared to so many others? I can walk. No matter what. I walk about three miles a day. What if I came to understand that I’ve become a much better photographer? Or, artist? What if I realized that I see the little things much better? I’ve always talked about little pictures. But, these are really little. What if I looked at the collection of pictures that I’ve made in the past few months in their entirety?

Well. I did the last one. Last night. It’s quite a collection. I think this will be my next gallery show. Downtown. In hipsterville. They like this work. I’ve been given a gallery show. I told you about that. But, I had no idea what to show. I do now.

It’s all a matter of perspective.



8 responses to “Headed in the Right Direction”

  1. gregorystackpole Avatar

    There is no lesson that could motivate me to follow you into hipsterville, so Godspeed, and I look forward to your photos from there — pain free (on my end — which they would never be for me were I to follow you there).


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Unfortunately, that’s where all the energy is right now. And, the galleries are much more accessible than the ones on Julie Street where people are tragically hip. 😂📷⚜️


      1. gregorystackpole Avatar

        Well, just don’t buy any skinny jeans. 😉


  2. Kristine Carrier Avatar
    Kristine Carrier

    Congrats on the subject of your show arriving.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      For me, that’s how it works. As I was taught, “don’t take the picture, let the picture take you.”


  3. beck1500 Avatar



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