Man, Oh Man


I was going to close out the “big storm” series. I even made a new picture. It combines the extent of the damage around this place with water.


“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Dr. Martin Luther King

I’ve promised you this space would not be political. I believe we all need a break from the daily madness. I want this space to be about art in all its forms. But, art is driven by circumstances. By daily life. By our own histories.

When the president who shall not be named tweeted his racist bullshit yesterday. I was stunned. Most of the country responded righteously. Twitter lit up like a pinball machine. Facebook wasn’t much quieter. His ploy to drive a wedge between Speaker Pelosi and the women that he told to go back where they came from, failed.

It gets worse. He doubled down. Senator Graham defended him. The rest of the Republican Party was silent.

Now we know.

The President of The United States is an out and out racist. Oh, we knew it. We knew his red lining record as a real estate owner. We heard him defend white power groups after the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia. But, yesterday he said it. He said what racists have said to people of color for years and years. He confirmed it.


Not only does Donald J. Trump (there, I said his name) have to go, but the Republican senators and representatives have to be voted out en masse. Gone. All gone.

I urge you in my country to run for something. Anything. It starts from the ground up. And, you must vote. We have to get these racist, mean, scared old white men out of power. I said it before Trump was elected, that we would leave the country if he won. We decided to stay and fight back. To resist. I can assure that that if he is re-elected, I won’t know my country, and we will leave. Even if we are strangers in a strange land it will be better than living in the country of my birth. That’s terribly sad.

One more note.

Before you think that everything was bad on Sunday, it wasn’t. Thanks to YouTube, I got to see Sir Paul McCartney play with Ringo Starr from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The last time that happened was when The Beatles played there over 50 years ago. Then, I got to see Neil Young sing with Bob Dylan for the first time since 1994. They played an old traditional tune. “Will the Circle Be Broken?’


No. It won’t.



Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

8 thoughts on “Man, Oh Man

  1. I remain dumbfounded that *anyone* supports the current occupant of the Oval Office … and yet there are those who continue to believe his rhetoric because it backs up their own bigotry.

    I stopped being naive enough to believe we were doing better as a country the day he was elected. 😦

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    1. This country has been racist since the day it was founded. It might have started healing had Lincoln not gone to a play. But, he did. The South remained angry and Jim Crow raised his evil head. The guy in the high tower plays to that.

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  2. Thank you for saying what you say, however much you don’t want your blog to be political. We are going through our own madness, here in the UK. I don’t want my grandchildren, who are delightfully mixed genetically and all the more beautiful for it, to grow up in a world where racists think it is OK to be racist. This country used to be so tolerant, really it was, and now it seems to have been taken over by right-wing intolerance-fuelling sociopaths. On a lighter note, on this day of August 21st, I hear that DT has cancelled his state visit to Denmark at the last moment because they don’t want him to buy Greenland and he is insulted. Phew….

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    1. You’re welcome. I know you are going through the Boris Johnson nonsense. MY SIL lives in London. My wife is half East Indian and half Okie (From the state of Oklahoma).

      Deranged Donald does not know how to deal with strong women. He can’t stand the so-called squad and he calls the Speaker of the House, Nancy, rather than calling her Madam Speaker. Poor baby. he was insulted. I have a few insults for him. Heh.


      1. Go with the insults. We have fallen low, let’s hope that DT and BJ will repel enough people to be kicked out of office (though their are rumours over here that DT won’t stand for a second term, as he is so unpopular). The Conservative ladies are still taken with BJ, but his oafishness, lies and lack of attention to detail should catch him out in the end. He is someone who is not as clever as he thinks he is. We need people who are cleverer than they think they are. My son has a Jamaican father, who himself had an Indian mother, and apparently our family’s DNA says we descend from Syrian soldiers who were posted to Hadrian’s Wall. Add Scottish, English, Irish, French, Jewish to the mix. We’re all indefinable in these matters. The current stirring up of racism is monstrous.

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      2. Trump is losing his mind. I am certain we are seeing the effects of dementia. He babbles when he talks. He can’t stay on topic. When he follows the script, he looks heavily sedated. I don’t know if he’ll drop out. I’m pretty sure if he loses in 2020, he’ll be carried out kicking and screaming. His poll numbers are terrible. It’s really early days, but they are steadily dropping. His supporters are turning on him. One of our neighbors is a diehard Trump fan. Yesterday, she said that she’s had enough of him. She’s very conservative, but she’ll even vote Democrat if that’s what it takes. I hear that more and more.

        Me? I’m mostly Eastern European — Belorussian and Polish, mostly. There’s some weirdness with my paternal grandfather. He came to the US in 1910. He served in the US Army during WWI. All foreign born military who were not yet citizens were automatically granted citizenship. He didn’t claim his until 1947. He died a year later. I suspect, we might be Jewish. But after seeing what the Russian did to Jews, he trusted no government. I never knew him.

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