It Shall Be

In the early morning.

If you get up early and go outside.

You might be lucky enough to sunlight sparkle. To see shadows dance. To see nature glow. You might even be lucky enough to carry a camera. You might have the vision to see what is. To see what might be.

With luck, the beauty will find you. You’ll be amazed. You’ll stand in wonder.

You’ll decide to make a picture. You won’t work very hard. Because. The picture will take you. You’ll know that’s the one. There won’t be a discussion. It just shall be.



2 responses to “It Shall Be”

  1. T Ibara Photo Avatar

    Hello (again), Mr. Ray.
    Ahh, yes. I had the privilege to experience something like this quite recently. It really did make me stop and stand still for a few moments. And even forget all of the “events” taking place across the world for a few moments. It sounds like a cliche expression, but, sometimes, moments like these remind us that it’s OK to have hope and feel wonder at the beauty of this world. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Right now we are in a place to forget most of the world. In another week or so that will change and we’ll be back to trying to hide from it. I am grateful for that. It also seems that mornings — not a morning person — is best for this kind of contemplation. Take care.

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