Seeing Red

Glowing red leaves.

Seeing red.

Usually that means being very angry. Not this time. I just happened to see a lot of red on a morning walk. The light was lower in the sky so it illuminated things that might not be so easily seen. It was a kind of photographer’s luck. I made other pictures on the walk. You’ll see them later. But, these three just sort of came together naturally. I try not to fight that.

Backlighted red leaves in the morning.

Meanwhile, the dog who sees things wanted to go out three times. We walked close to five miles. Of course, yesterday was a bad day for pain. I took the limits of my pain medication and that barely took the edge off. But, she doesn’t understand that so we walked.

This morning, I felt just fine. There is no explanation for this. But, I don’t question great days. This time, we walked about 150-200 yards and she headed for home.

Both of us have to get our timing down.

Fallen leaves in dust bin.

That’s the story for today. I usually try to publish by noon my time. I’ve been late the last few days. Really, there is no reason except a lack of motivation. I sit down to work on Storyteller and just sit there. It’s taking me two or three tries to actually want to work. Maybe it’s the season. Maybe I need a new toy. Who knows?



2 responses to “Seeing Red”

  1. athousandbitsofpaper Avatar

    Your work is beautiful Ray and I look forward to your posts, I go looking for them if they don’t pop up in my reader after 24 hours – I enjoy my view into your world through your lovely photographs and there is something that tells me we’ve met before – which is impossible but I like your keep doing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. You are very kind. You should be getting an email if you follow me that way. Reader has always been confusing to me because it doesn’t match the emails that I receive from other bloggers.

      We could have met in Oz. Do you attend much live music?

      Keep doing it. WordPress tells me that I’ve done this for a decade. I actually don’t know how much more I have in for Storyteller. I have a portfolio site as well. It does contain a blog area, but it’s next to impossible to move all of you over there.


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