A Single Drop of Rain

The end came quickly.

The end.

The end came quickly. I made this picture yesterday evening. By this morning the leaves fell to the ground or they faded dramatically.

There’s a good lesson in nature’s teachings.

When you see a chance you take it. When a door opens walk through it. When I window opens dive out of it. The old saying of “he who hesitates is lost,” certainly applies. This a lesson that everybody should listen to, and pay attention. I’m as guilty as the next guy of not doing things when they are presented to me.

How do I overcome that? Maybe you too.

When an opportunity appears, don’t think about it. Don’t weigh the pros and cons. Just do it. If the opportunity stops glowing as you work through the process you can always back out. Just don’t sign any contracts until pretty much everything is in place and you like it. If you must walk away, no harm no foul.  Don’t make a habit of it because the most precious commodity you have is time. You know the rest.

The picture. It really is the last fall picture. My comments above stand. The fall colors are muted. Yes, that’s how quickly that can happen. That’s why it’s hard for me to travel to photograph fall in another location. Arrive too early and you sit waiting for peak color. Get there late, and you’d better find something else to photograph.



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