Not Like Winter

This is what you get.

I am NOT laughing at you who live in places where it so terribly cold.

Instead, I’m showing you what we get for putting up with New Orleans things. We have a high murder rate (two weekends in a row). We have an ancient water system that breaks every week. We have a terrible street infrastructure filled with car killing pot holes. We have a city government that wraps everything up in a marketing tagline, “The City of Yes.” Yes, most of us would like them to actually do something rather than all their posturing. And, they raised the value of our homes so that they could claim that they didn’t raise property taxes. The list continues. And, continues.

We also have mild weather. Of course, that contrasts with the extreme heat of summer. But, our mildness allows me to publish a picture like this one, twelve days from the winter solstice and the actual start of winter.

Older people who live in the north move to Florida for mild weather during the winter. They don’t have dodge bullets and potholes. And, the don’t have to live in our summer heat if they live somewhere near Florida’s long coast.


The picture. I saw it, I photographed it. It didn’t need any help in post production.



7 responses to “Not Like Winter”

  1.  Avatar

    mmmh so bad


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Please don’t send comments as long as you hide your name. This site is about building community.


  2. Debra Avatar

    I have said the same thing about living in Los Angeles, Ray. There is so much about SoCal living that is frustrating, difficult, and unappealing. But the weather for those of us who identify as “weather wimps” does help. A little counter-balance, I guess. I really love this particular photo. It’s beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      When I was growing up the weather was wonderful. The climate was Mediterranian in feel. Today, not so much.


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