Mellow Yellow

Those little bulbish things turned into this.

Looks like a southern winter.

Bright yellow and deep greens along with some unknown flower.

Debra, a blogging buddy, asked if i could post a picture when the little yellow pods turned into something. They only took a few days, but here they are. Pretty little wildflowers.


I thought that they were growing out of some Elephant Ears. They aren’t. They are growing very near to them. I learned that by finding some of them growing in the grass by themselves. They weren’t all that colorful and healthy. I think that is because the ones in the picture grew recently turned soil that was mixed with fertilizer.

Partial mystery solved. It’s partial because I still have no idea what they are called. I’ve also stopped called wildflowers by their negative name. Weeds. These are not weeds. They are wildflowers.

Happy weekend.


Published by Ray Laskowitz

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2 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. They’re splendid, aren’t they? I like your observation about “weeds,” and it’s really true that some wildflowers don’t appear as much more than that. But these are very special, and to find them brightly blooming in January, well, I’m going to remember them when I get mired down in the “deep hole” of all that sucks me under. And there’s plenty of that. LOL!

    Maybe someone will know what they are now that you have photo of them blooming. I really do think they’re a beacon of something hopeful. I’m sticking to that interpretation. 🙂

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    1. They are growing like, er, weeds. When I made the picture, the flowers were about the size of a dime. Now, two days later, they are bigger than a quarter. Everything is blooming early, even the Japonica flowers which normally don’t bloom until Mardi Gras.

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