Today is Such a Day

In the morning.

Sunday morning coming down.

I thought that this would be a good Sunday morning picture. It took some doing to get it here. For some unknown reason the file was too small. It filled about half of the normal space. So, I resized it. It fits fine now.

I have no idea why or why not. It’s just one of those things. Sort of like making a picture on the run. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

I guess that it’s about time to discuss CoVid-19. That’s the illness caused by the coronavirus, which is really almost every respiratory virus that we catch. A common cold is a coronavirus. Seasonal flu is also a coronavirus.

Even though there has been no Covid-19 detected anywhere near Louisiana, there are people already starting to wear masks. I saw them as I was running errands. A friend of mine reported that after arriving at LAX, the international airport in Los Angeles, California, almost everybody was wearing a mask and the airport was much less busy than usual.

Settle down folks.

Masks don’t protect a person who is not ill. They slow down illnesses from spreading via airborne droplets.

The best thing you can do is wash your hands fairly frequently. If you are going to use some kind of hand sanitizer, it must be be rated at least 60% alcohol. I suppose you could clean your hand with a good whisky.

Down here in swampville, we are all coughing and hacking. Are we sick? No. Just allergic to high counts of pollen and grass seed. Supposedly, this is at an all time high, lasting from now through November.

You can clear out line of shoppers by letting your allergic nose and sinuses do the talking and muttering, “I shouldn’t have gone to China.” Or, Italy. Or, Iran. An Italian friend of mine who I met here on WordPress is from Milan, Italy, which is shut down. She’s lived in London for about the last twenty years. Her mom called and told her to stay away from crowds of people. My friend asked, “Do you mean Chinese?” Her mom replied, “Italians.”

All black humor. That’s how I deal with things like this.

Don’t panic. Don’t worry. Plan a little. Relax.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

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15 thoughts on “Today is Such a Day

  1. I love black humor. It goes with every occasion. My Mom was the Queen of Black Humor, even though she was a perfect lady, capital L Lady. I should write about that sometime.

    Your picture is definitely a good Sunday morning picture. It radiates hopefulness. I guess you knew that, looking at the tags.

    I’m glad I saw your post just now. I have a little bit of writer’s block, or maybe I should call it writer’s reluctance. There are many things I want to share, but they are all “big posts,” tomes that require lots of time to get them right, and I just don’t have a big post in my right now. My brain is full-up with stuff, although not corona virus-related. I think I will just post a picture of a tree in my backyard that I took last weekend. It isn’t gorgeous like yours, but a tree is a pretty wonderful thing.

    Your posts always give me something. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you. For me, when I write or talk about it’s gone. I do have to think about the possible pandemic because if touring considerations. I don’t want us, crew or fans getting sick.


      1. I have been so worried about that. I really want to be safe and do the right thing, but I also want us to react appropriately as a society. As a world. Not that I know what the answer is, of course. I just see signs of people pulling away from each other, and it seems like it’s not just because of health fears. Isolated, we are not as strong as we are together. But I guess the virus doesn’t feel that way.

        Sorry for the rambling…it’s a reflective day.

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      2. Well, just about everything and everybody is siloed now. We seem to only hang with, talk to or visit with, people with whom we agree.

        As far as any music venue goes, nobody has made any decisions, but a typical crowd in the petri dish of Jazzfest could be deadly. The only bands that I know of cancelling so far is Green Day who shut down a European tour as did a rapper whose name I can’t remember.

        Talk all you want. Rambling is allowed.

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  2. There is definitely a change in crowd size everywhere here in Los Angeles County. It’s evident. And the masks are everywhere, to the point where my daughter, a nurse, tells me that they’ve had to go to multiple suppliers to get enough for the healthcare professionals. Part of the reason, I think, is that Southern California has a huge, tremendously mobile Asian population. Wearing medical masks is common among the Asian population here, although I’ve not always been clear as to whether it was for the individuals’ protection, or the perception that they are less infectious when they have a cold or illness. Habits and behaviors have been very interesting to watch. Crowds are down in public places…hasn’t done much for the traffic, however.

    Interesting times!

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    1. Ask your daughter, but wearing a mask does not protect the wearer. It does keep a sick person for scattering droplets everywhere. Asian people wear masks throughout the year. When I lived in Hong Kong, you’d see Chinese people wearing masks as they walked around the streets. They other problem with buying masks from any supplier is that they are mostly made in China. We are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

      Interesting times, eh? You know what the worst possible Chinese curse is, don’t you? “May you live in interesting times.”

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      1. I have heard that curse and thought of it a lot lately! LOL! Yes, Aimee has been saying that the masks aren’t at all protective in the way they’re being utilized, but they need them in their urgent care for many reasons, and are having trouble with the suppliers.

        That’s interesting about Hong Kong. I kind of figured it must be something people have brought with them as part of their culture from home, but I wasn’t certain. Yesterday I thought maybe I should purchase some hand sanitizer and I couldn’t get it anywhere. I wish everyone were as careful in traditional cold and flu season! 🙂


  3. I didn’t mean to imply that health care workers shouldn’t wear masks. As far as I’m concerned, they should wear hazmat suits on the best of days. I think because masks do block dust and dirt particles is the reason Hongkongers wear them. Because of the other side of my life, the music side, we have gallons of hand sanitizer,


    1. I’ll try. I’m really a photographer who writes out of necessity. Here’s a few things that I was taught. In order to write you need to read. A lot. In order to have a successful blog you should find a subject that you are interested in and devote your blog to that. Be concise. Don’t ramble. Finally, copy edit, copy edit, copy edit.


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