Most of the Time

Life on the surface.


Bill Gates and the surgeon general agree. We will finally see a turning of the tide in mid to late May. But, but, but… only if everybody in the entire country does the right thing and self isolates.

After seeing pictures from around the country, I don’t believe that will happen unless the president declares marshall law. Many people are just plain stupid. That sounds harsh. Don’t endanger my life and I won’t call you stupid.

I think the newness of staying at home is wearing off. If we have to stay home until sometime in May, we will probably look like people coming out of a bunker during WWI or WWII.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

In New Orleans businesses are hunkering down. Grocery stores are taping off six foot areas at checkout counters. They are building plexiglass wall between the checkout clerk and the shopper. Many businesses will not take paper money. Many business will not survive.


If I am going to the store, buying gas, or going to the pharmacy I wear rubber gloves. I don’t know who or what touched the very thing I want. I certainly don’t know who touched the keypad or nozzle at a gas station.

A photographer colleague did a video about despair. It’s very good. If you aren’t there yet, you will be. It more or less describes a hopeless future. The only way through is something that I’ve written (I knew I understood something, so there.). One day at a time. Or, as we say in the rooms of AA, if need be, one hour at a time. Or, one minute at a time. And, stay focused on whatever it is you do.

Because my mind was scrambling some things, I followed the advice of another blogger. Create a schedule similar to the one you used in early times. You know. Three weeks ago. Follow it. You’ll do what needs to be done and maybe a little more. You won’t be lying on the couch watching cartoons all day.

One more thing. Get dressed. You’ll feel a little more real even if time has no meaning. I liked wearing my pjs the first week. Later, I realized that I spent way too much time sleeping or watching television about nothing.

The picture. I put the smartphone down on the ground. I moved it around while looking at the LCD and made a few variations on a theme.

Stay safe. Care for others. Enjoy every sandwich.

One more thing.

Say a little prayer for a friend of mine’s father. He is a little older than me. (The father, not the son.) He is a Vietnam Veteran. He’s one of those guys who never really came home. That’s sad enough. He has CoVid19. He’s on a ventilator. About 12 hours ago he had less than a few hours to live. I have no idea if he made it through the night.

My friend lives in Bloomington, Indiana. His dad lives in Fresno, California. Even if he could get there, he wouldn’t be allowed to see his dad. He will never get the chance to say goodbye.

That’s just horrible.



6 responses to “Most of the Time”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    BC is seeing positive albeit cautionary results from self isolating…it works ☺️💪💫 stay safe and I can picture you with rubber gloves Ray ☺️💫

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I hope that it does. Of course New Orleanians are jus too pig headed to follow advice. I fear we are going to need martial law. I went to the grocery store today, mostly for the raw food we turn into cooked food for the dogs. Because I already know that most people around here can’t count to six I brought my cane. It’s a left over from my hip replacement. I don’t need it. I used it to prod people who were getting to close. Not kidding. I’m old and I have a compromised immune system.


  2. zorymar Avatar

    Stay save, I will pray for your friend you could too. God will hear. I invite you to watch our service tomorrow morning at 11:00 at iglesia sends de restauración Facebook.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I pray in my own way. I may join you.


  3. Kim of Glover Gardens Avatar

    I’m praying for your friend’s father, and even more for your friend. Losing his Dad in this way, in this time, will stay with him forever. I hope he will be able to find some peace, someday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      The universal prayers may have helped. His WBC is normal and his fever is less
      Now my friend is trying to get there.


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