It Takes You There

Around dusk.


Purple skies for which to be grateful. The picture doesn’t exactly look like clouds, but trust me, they are. I was out walking, I wasn’t doing too much talking, when I looked up and saw this. Whew. Nature outdid herself, I thought.

I went on a fool’s mission of trying not to be out done by nature. I headed right into a ditch. The ditch of post production. When I got to a place where I thought that I had gone far enough, I kept going. This image is the result.


It happened. 2020 Jazzfest was cancelled today. The Jazz and Heritage Foundation is working on the normal timing of April – May 2021. Good luck with that. It’s pretty much  agreed upon by the big promoters, little promoters and artist management, that the music touring season won’t start until October 2021.

Of course, I went to Facebook read the fine local folks’ comments about the music festival. Even though the J&HF posted a letter that discussed refunds, the first question was, “Where can I get a refund?”

Then came the people blaming the mayor even though all she did was recommend closing big venues until next year. Some guy wrote, “Well, she can’t cancel the Saints playing in the Superdome.” No, she can’t. But, the governor can.  They seem to working hand in glove. And, the mayor of Los Angeles says that he is going to close mass events until 2021, potentially meaning that three NFL teams have no home fields.

Get over it people. 2020 is pretty much a wash. I hate to retreat so early in the year. But, I want a fighting chance next year. I’ll be happy if some of the non-essential workers can get back to it. I’d be happy to actually sit down and eat insde of a restaurant. Or, go shopping without gearing up. Or, not yelling at my neighbor in order to talk to him.

Oh yeah. It’s a general election year. What about that?

Stay safe. Care for others. Help the elderly. When you go grocery shopping ask your neighbors if they need anything. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Enjoy all the popcorn when you watch Netflix.



Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

45 thoughts on “It Takes You There

      1. That’s not really how my name ends. Nobody knows what it is. Apparently, my grandfather — who couldn’t — speak much, or any English, couldn’t say our family name in a way that the folks at his arrival port could understand, so we became Laskowitz.

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      2. Ha Ha…. my dad ate lots of strange things. We raised chickens and he would butcher them and save the heart, liver, kidneys , and gizzard to fry and eat. He only lived to be 70 so maybe all that grease did him in!!

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      1. Not sure what happened. When I clicked on you site yesterday the most recent post was in April. Not sure how that happened. I have seen you since then!


      2. I contacted them and asked if could continue with the classic format and they said yes. There is a place in the list with catagories and tags etc. that allows you to choose the older format. I did not like the blocks at all


      3. WordPress originally didn’t have that feature. So many of us complained that they installed it. By then, I’d gotten used to the block system and had tested enough that I didn’t care. The problem with WordPress thinking is they believe everything should be fast and be able to be done on a phone, which is truly a disaster. I really don’t think that they understand their clients at all.

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      4. I have only ever tried the free format. I like being able to load in photos and then add my poetic content. My formula is keep it short and crisp. For me the photos and the words are Siamese twins!


      5. I have the free site and dump photos when it gets up to the 3 gb limit! Works great for what I do. The fancy formats are a distraction for me.


      6. I keep all my photos stored in my laptop with a 500gb storage. Then i load photos each day as i use them. I don’t take them from Word Press back to the computer. It seems to work well for me this way.

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      7. We keep nothing on our computers. Everything goes on portable hard drives. Or, in the cloud. Of course, my files are large. Even so, keeping files off the computer hard drive keeps it running faster.

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      8. The portables are all tagged and numbered. It takes me about five minutes to find the pictures that I need. Keep in mind, my RAW files are 72mb. Musical miss’ master files make mine look like they are just starting. Until music is compressed, files are around 240mb per song.

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