A Visitor

Into The Sky
Sometimes the picture is right in front of you.

I looked up.

I saw the blue sky morphing into color. I saw whispy clouds moving along very quickly, riding along a nice breeze. I felt the wind on my face. The all seeing dog started dancing around because she liked how the air felt.

I worked very hard yesterday. It felt good. I was productive. That felt good. I was tired and that felt good.

That’s the thing. I read that too many people are bored. They feel cooped up. They feel like shooting six holes in their freezer, as Jimmy Buffett once wrote. I’m pretty sure that we aren’t feeling that way. We certainly don’t feel cooped up. We go outside. We walk. Sometimes, we take a dog. Doing that is so imporatnt. We need to feel the sun on our faces. We need to be outside. We need to feel the wind. And, we even need to feel the rain.

That’s all very freeing.

There is no reason not to do it. The people who are demanding liberation, who are being egged on by the very person who is supposed to unite us, are feeling trapped. They likely have lost their jobs. They likely are sitting at home drinking and fuming.

They are about to learn a hard lesson. A lot of them are going to get sick. Many of them will die. Maybe this extreme split will end. Then again, maybe it will take a lot longer than that. People can be very, very stupid when it comes to changing their belief systems.

I dunno. This entire era of life inside a virus seems to be well above my pay grade.

What do you think?

Stay safe. Take care of each other. Check on the elderly. Share your food shopping trips. Wash your hands. Wear your mask in public places. Keep your distance. Enjoy every bite of pasta.




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