If I keep photographing these flowers I might as well try a different view.

I’m pretty sure that things are going to change fairly rapidly next week.

Some things will fall apart quickly. Here’s the theory.

By now the president has figured out that between his misdeeds of the last three years including impeachment combined with his mismanagement of the response to the pandemic, and the crash of the economy, he won’t win the next general election.

So, what’s he doing?

He’s trying to foment anarchy. Violence in the street. Rioting. Civil war. When a civilan does this, it’s called sedition. When the commander in chief does it, it’s called being a traitor. Since he’s been doing it in front of millions of people, there is no need for a lengthy trial. Just line him up against the wall, tie a blindfold around his eyes, offer him a cigarette and…

That’s what the military code of justice prescribes, but as with most things, that’s above my pay grade.

The picture. A friend of mine from New Mexico said, after I complained that I was getting tired of photographing the same stuff, that everything changes every day. So, this picture is for her. It took me a minute to get down on the ground. I took three hours to get up. Since I didn’t use a flash I had to open up the flowers in post production.

Stay safe. Care for each other. Thank the caergivers. Look after the elderly. Share your shopping trips. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Enjoy every sandwich.








One response to “Multitudes”

  1. fictionspawn Aak Avatar

    Indeed, be careful over there. Nice photo.


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