It’s All Good


All day long I thought yesterday was Friday. See what I mean about time melting? I think that I’m posting this for Saturday. That I’m getting out ahead of my work. I’m not. I’m posting this for Friday. Time has no meaning.



The picture. Wait for the light. Press the button. Clean it up a little. Publish it. Easy? Right?

No. It’s not so easy.

WordPress kept nagging me to try their new block system. I ignored them for awhile. Then, I thought what the hell? Why not?

Bad move.

I don’t understand the sytem. I don’t understand how the system is supposed to increase design flexibilty. Sure, for do-dads like drop caps and that nonsense, it adds a little. But, to design a clean, reader friendly page it’s worse.

Aside from having to find the page that allows you to add a new post, you have to figure out how to use it. This is more time consuming then the so-called classic method. I still am trying to figure out something that will help me to design a modern editorial page. There may be a way, but I can’t find it.

You know what’s worse?

Once you test it, you cannot back out of it. At least I’m not smart it enough to find it.

Before my usual sign off, if you think you’ve caught the virus, I would encourage you not to follow the president’s recommendations. Do not pour bleach down your gullet. Do not drop a bright light down your throat. Even toddlers know better.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



10 responses to “It’s All Good”

  1. gottatakemorepix Avatar

    It’s amazing what’s been coming out of the White House lately. Now he’s trying to spin it as sarcasm. If people believe that, then I’m going to look these people up and tell them I have prime real estate for sale in the Lower 9th Ward. I just need to ask them for $50,000 realtor fee up front.


  2. Kim of Glover Gardens Avatar

    Iris is my favorite flower, by far. This one is unusual; which is to say, we don’t see it here in SE TX. It’s gorgeous. O’Keefe-is, to me at least.

    I had the same experience about a year ago when I installed the new editor: “Whoa, this is DIFFERENT and I DON’T LIKE IT.” I found a thing that would bring back the classic editor and now I can toggle between both of them. I’ve grown to like the new one better for stuff like embeds and ‘reusable’ blocks for the copyright notice, etc. I can’t remember which instructions I followed, but this one looks semi-familiar: .

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I think real locals around her call this a Swamp Iris. Still, you aren’t so far away that you wouldn’t have them.

      What WP calls the new editor and blocks are two different formatting programs. I never used the new editor because I found photography unfriendly, which is typical for WP.

      Blocks would make more sense to me if I understood what gives you more design flexibility. Your comment about using resuable blocks means that I have no idea what is possible.

      Let’s see if I can go bckwards.


  3. TheChattyIntrovert Avatar

    He was leaving loopholes, and kept saying “suppose we think about” this and that or try that in the transcript. But you know people are gonna try and do it.

    When you said “even toddlers know better.” I had a brief, weird thought. You know some young dummy’s gonna think “Maybe the reason all these older folks are dying from this disease is they didn’t take part in that Tide Pod eating challenge!”

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Apparently, the loopholes didn’t matter since so many credible people said not to do it, including Lysol and his own administration. He tried to back out of it by blaming the media and saying he was just being sarcastic. Unfortunately, video doesn’t line.

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      1. TheChattyIntrovert Avatar

        yeah… “Officer, let’s roll the videotape.”


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I don’t understand.


      3. TheChattyIntrovert Avatar

        “roll the videotape” is like when you’ve got an incident and the cops are called, and somebody is lying their butt off to get out of trouble. Then the store owner or other motorist, whatever, indicates there’s security footage or a dash cam or something that would totally prove that person’s full of it, and then the loudmouth just shuts down, realizing they’re screwed.

        Problem is, Dump is too thick to realize he’s already been caught in his net of lies. He wears it like that dang tie around his neck.

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      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I’ve never heard anybody say that at any kind of crime scene. OTH, Roll tape has a very different meaning to me. Whenever a musician records in an old school outboard recording studio when he or she has worked through the song and are ready to go, they say “roll tape.” That’s what I’m used to.

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      5. TheChattyIntrovert Avatar

        I still remember old school camcorders with the tape, so that expression sticks.


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