Particle and Wave

That flower again.

I’ve heard that everybody hits a wall.

The wall comes after too much isolation. After too much inside. After not being able to visit friends without a handshake or hug. I thought that I was fine. That we were fine. We have our own little circle.

But, that’s not enough.

I awoke yesterday feeling tired. I had enough sleep. I felt lethargic. I felt sad. It couldn’t figure it out.

It was grocery making time. I went, not caring if I went. Shopping started out slowly. We got to the meat case. Not big red meat eaters, I didn’t think think much of it. Then I saw it. A sale on steaks. For once, that sounded great. I arrived at the cold case about the same time another man did. A Black man. Bare with me because normally color of skin is irrelevant.

We both started to reach for the steaks. I backed off saying “you first.” He made a motion that since I knew exactly what I wanted that I should go first. We were both wearing masks so all we could see was our eyes. Both of us had smiling eyes.

After I made my selection, I made some funny comment. He raised his elbow and we did an elbow touch. That was the first time I’d touched a stranger in eight weeks. That felt so good. I was walking on air.

That’s all it took. Another human being, not in my circle.

There’s a lesson in that. The obvious is what we all already know. The other lesson takes a minute.

So many people are already breaking social distancing rules. Others aren’t wearing masks. Groups of more than 50 people are congregating together. None of that is any good. We may create a surge within a flattening curve. It shows one thing. We need each other. Strangers included.

Because we need each other we don’t want to kill each other. Stay the course. Eventually, there will be time to be together.

The picture. I finally was able to make what amounts to an almost macro picture. I still have no idea what the flower is called. I’ve looked and looked. Some people around these parts just call it a swamp flower. Yes, it is. But what kind of swamp flower?

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



2 responses to “Particle and Wave”

  1. C.S. Young Jr. Avatar

    Great story Ray! We are all connected at some level. This pandemic is challenging those connections, or lack of sufficient connection to maintain our sense of humanity. Nice image abstraction as well.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. My hope is that lot changes. But, first we have to get beyond the politics of the time.


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