Box of Rain

Sometimes this sort of thing happens.

We are opening. A little.

The governor said that we will open the state according to phase one on May 16. They mayor argreed. That’s exciting.

It seems like Jefferson Parish opened a little too early. The fine folks who live there decided to have some fun. In one day the amount of cases doubled compared to the total of two other parishes. The all knowing folks on Facebook tried to say that’s just tested positive cases. That unless hospitalizations or deaths were counted, it didn’t matter.


That just raised the odds of hospitalization and death. You can only roll the dice so many times before the odds collapse and you get hurt. People. They’re the worst, said Jerry Seinfeld.

Let’s talk about something else.

Let’s talk music. Let’s talk new music.

In the past few months and into June a lot of new music is being released. Some is out now. Some is coming. The Rolling Stones released a brand new single. It rose straight to number one on a bunch of charts. They say that they have an album almost ready.

Along comes Bob Dylan, who was not to be out done by those English youngsters. He released two songs. One rose straight to number one. In “Murder So Foul,” he contends that JFK’s assassination started our downward decent that continues until today. It’s something like 13 minutes long. He’s also announced a double album which should be released in mid-June. He’s teased us with a song from the album.

Not one to sit on her hands, Norah Jones released three singles to be followed by a new album which is due in early June after being postponed in May. Manufacturing problems. The songs are out takes from her streaming songs which were released a month at a time.

Finally, a singer songwriter, Steve Forbert released an album of cover music that is just wonderful. In case you are wondering, he’s a Mississippi musician from around Laurel. He’s been playing for about 40 years. He had a couple of hits in the early 1990s.

There are others, but these are the ones that matter to me.

Unfortunately, nobody can tour to support their new music. As I’ve said in past Storytellers, touring bands won’t get back out until October 2021. This could be extended if people don’t start following simple directions and CoVid 19 keeps rolling and rolling around. Or, we could get lucky. Nah, even I don’t get that lucky.

The picture. Y’all have seen a green version of it. Once I found those light thingies, I’ve been reworking a lot of pictures. You may see it again.

Someone is copying every artistic move I make. Not the same guy as last time. Another guy. This photographer was a successful stock shooter until the bottom fell out. Successful stock photographers don’t have a creative bone in their body. Heh! I suppose that’s why I wasn’t successful at that particular genre.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



One response to “Box of Rain”

  1. aFrankAngle Avatar

    I don’t stay up on music like I used to back in the day. CBS Saturday Morning introduces me to a lot of new music that I like – although I seldom remember their names.


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