Before Time

Who knows?

Almost pure art.

That’s what this picture evolved into from almost nothing. I started with a picture of magenta flowers on a blue handicapped parking sign. I went sort of crazy. I kept going until I arrived at this picture. I have no idea what it means. I seem to be stuck in space, so it kind of looks like that to me. Maybe it’s about the birth of planets. Maybe not.

I have a very busy day. I’m grateful for that. I still keep reading about people who are bored out of their minds. I suspect that they are the ones who want everything to open up right now. I have no idea why they are bored. There is so much that they could be doing. Aside from the usual Netflix binging, they could learn a new skill, create art, learn to cook, bake something, get healthy, take a walk, and the list goes on forever.

If all else fails, they could sleep. The kind of stress that we are all feeling puts a heavy strain upon the body. The brings extreme tiredness. Rest. Sleep. You’ll feel a lot better.

I’ve been reading a lot about what comes next. There are many writers that are no doubt smarter than I, who are calling for huge and positive changes. A lot of old systems are broken. Who wants to return to that? The only people who are trying to force this new genie into the bottle are the real rich oldsters who don’t want to progress because they will be the losers. They know it and we know it.

That said, I’m an oldster. For some reason I don’t think like we do. They say as you grow older you become more conservative. Not me. While I haven’t swung over to progressiveness, I haven’t moved from just slightly left of center. I’m certainly not conservative.

None of those descriptors are bad things. We need each other to create a balance. We need each other to move forward into a good and positive recovery.

Here’s one thing that we all agree on. Right, left and center all agree that our infrastructure is a wreck. Bridges fail, roads are potholed, many of our airports are third world, are rail systems border on non-existent and so on and so on. Our president used to proclaim infrastructure weeks only to have them devolve into something else.

Now is the time to take this seriously.

Many people won’t have jobs to return to. Those that do may find their hours cut, their salaries reduced and their benefits slashed. They’ll need better paying full time work. Rebuilding our infrastructure isn’t all labor. It’s also computer folks of all stripes. It’s planners and managers. It’s administrators and analysts. These are not short term jobs. This problem won’t be dealt with in a year or five. We are looking at decades just to get back to zero. And, more time to improve our systems.

That’s just one thing that needs serious repair. We could probably think of ten or a thousand more. When the Republican side of Congress spouts, “this is not the time to…,” when the hell is the time?

Oh wait. Kickbacks and bribes. They have to figure out how that will work.

That’s my idea. What are some of yours?

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



3 responses to “Before Time”

  1. Mark Toner Avatar

    It’s one big mess . Turn to zero


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      If only I knew what “turn to zero ” means.


      1. Mark Toner Avatar

        Look and start again


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