One Day

Bright light, all light,

Color. Pure color.

That’s what this picture is to me. There are shapes. There are dead flowers. That’s just about it for subject matter. Most of the image is created out of color. For color. By color.

No. I’m not color. The color seemed to build upon itself. Color begat color.

That’s my thinking for today.

Our recovery depends on us. If we want the most basic recovery to grow into something more than what we just left behind, we the people have to do it. An old friend of mine commented here. I finally got her away from Facebook. She agreed with the doing it ourselves thing. I added to her comment that it is time to organize.

We, in New Orleans and Louisiana, are starting to open up. It’s baby steps. That’s the right way to go. With every new opening phase there are bound to be new cases of the virus. We have to prepare to take a half step back if need be.

Before this gets away from us we should develop a pretty good idea of what we want. The Democrats in the House of Representatives did that today by proposing a Three trillion dollar bailout bill that was sort of a shopping list of what the country needs and wants. The Republicans in both house cried foul. The president said that he would veto the bill.

In the president’s own words. “Try it. What have you got to lose?”

We don’t have that kind of power but we can set ourselves up to win. How would you like to win? What do you want?

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



3 responses to “One Day”

  1. rothpoetry Avatar

    Beautiful image! Love all you color!


  2. zorymar Avatar

    Beautiful me. Laskowitz. And good conversation too. Good weekend ✌🏻


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