Who Knew

The bright greens of spring.

Who knew?

Who knew that this new way of working might just give us the tools we need to be more creative without learning to code. I’ve long had a dream to be able to fill the page from side to side. Now I can. This makes me very happy. I think that as I learn more about blocks, I’ll be able to do pretty much whatever I want.

This design is a modified block template. It began as a three picture spread. Then, I reduced it to one picture covering the same area. All of that is shown in pictures. Couldn’t be easier. I just had to test it.

To mask or not to mask is the question.

There seems to be a strong line emerging between those people who chose to wear a mask, and those who don’t. I live in New Orleans. We mask for every little thing. We should be used to it by now. But, noooo. Even here, there are groups of people who refuse to be told what to do even if it will save their lives. Or, mine.

In the grocery store yesterday, I’d say it was about 70-30% of those people who wore masks as opposed to those who didn’t. The people who didn’t wear masks also had trouble with social distancing. WTH? I used my unneeded cane a couple of times. I have no fear of backing someone off when it comes to my health.

I read in the local media that two bars were given notices of violation. Three, and you’re closed again. Good for whoever reported them. And, good for the city ro react so quickly. This is serious business. Believe it.

The picture. The all seeing dog wanted a little longer walk today, so that’s what we did. We came by this place were the sun acted to backlight the trees. Very spring like. I made another picture that wasn’t quite as sharp. This type of picture has to be sharp. Try as I might in OnOne, I couldn’t make it look good. I made it look weird. That’s a big lesson to those of us who may have forgotten. GIGO. Garbage in. Garbage out.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.



4 responses to “Who Knew”

  1. Erica Avatar

    Beautiful photograph with contemplative writing. I found this thoughtful and soothing. Thank you.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. I’m a photographer by art and trade. But, I’ve published Storyteller for over a decade. It seems that I’ve taught myself how to write. By accident.


  2. Kim of Glover Gardens Avatar

    Your cadence and use of very short sentences as a sort of paragraphical punctuation has certainly influenced my writing style.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Newspaper style. That’s how I learned. The paragraphs are something else. I think in its best day, WordPress is hard to read.So, I break up stuff even when I know that I shouldn’t.


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