The Day After The Day Before

Mum’s the word.

What a difference a week makes.

The all seeing spaniel and I haven’t walked very far in the last week or so. Today, we did. The last time that we passed this place I thought that there would be some nice Mums showing soon.

Today they were. The light was bright overcast, making it good for making a few pictures. Sophie Rose was very patient because… she had plans of her own. She took me on the longest walk we’ve been on in at least a month. Yes. She’s feeling much better. We see her vet on Monday and have enough antibiotics for about ten days after that. I anticipate that she will be as good as new. Just a little older. She’ll be 12 on — wait for it — July 4th. The big holiday.

The world turns

I went black yesterday in support of Black people everywhere. We’ve got to work very hard to achieve what we all hope. You know what Neil Young says. You can’t eat hope. That’s just a version of faith without work is dead. So, let’s work. And, work some more. And, keep going after that.

Some of you meditate. Meditate on this number. 1619. That’s the year slaves were first brought to America. The year of the original sin.

I have some running conversations with some of you and other friends. Between the virus — which it seems like we’ve forgotten — and protests of the horrible treatment Black people have been accorded for years, we have a chance to really do something… if we use this turning point to do the right things.

Unfortunately, there’s going to be less of us to do it. What happened to masking? What happened to social distancing? The protestors, not the rioters, barely wore masks. Worse, they were standing on top of each other. Wait two weeks. I predict Covid-19 surges well above what we thought it could do.

We are getting whipsawed.

We need a leader, not a guy who uses a church and a bible as a prop to prove his manliness. We now call him, “president tweety the bunker boy.” There’s a movie in that.


I’m not political. I’m just doing some lampooning. Or, is that harpooning? Heh. Heh.

The picture

I told you when I made it. The light was right for this kind of picture, or for a black and white portrait. The only real issue that I had processing the picture, was trying to keep the green from going nuclear. I have a little trick that I use for images like this one. It worked. See that green highlight in about the middle of the picture? That’s about how all the green looked. Can’t have that when it takes away from the flowers.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every sandwich.



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  1. zorymar Avatar

    Beautiful work.

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