Arriving in style.

Second lines.

All on a Sunday afternoon.

All joy. Pure fun. Like going to church.

Photographing second lines is hard work. Working in the middle of one is like being in a rugby scrum. You trot, back peddle, dodge and weave. You walk a long way. If you do it right, you’re tired, dripping in sweat and a little bruised.

That’s my fun.

I stopped some time last year. The pain was too much. If I got loose enough, if I swayed to the music, if I ignored the pain, I could get by. Walking back to my car was an exercise in misery. So, I stopped.

I missed them terribly.

I said that I was done with that project. I said that here, on Storyteller. I was kidding myself. I decided to photograph this season. My pain was relieved. I don’t know whether to be grateful or angry. Even though my hip and back are a thing, they weren’t causing the pain..

It was bursitis. I could have been pain free almost two year ago.


God laughed at my plan.

Along came the virus.

No second lines.

It’s hard to know when they’ll return. They have to be one of the biggest super spreaders.

Stay safe. Enjoy every bowl of ramen.



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  1. Zwink Joel Avatar

    I can so relate. After surgery I had a flare up and thought I was done. Then covid struck and worke me up. Time to get healthy and get back to what makes me (and I think other photographers) happy and get back to shooting. Bursitis is nasty, glad you’re better.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you, Joel. I still have the underlying conditions of osteoarthritis in my back with four impacted vertibrae which is causing stenosis. None of that hurts. My docs were treating that as if it was causing pain. A more senior doc was called into consult. He found the center of the pain. Two steeriod injections and I’m a new man.

      We are born to make pictures.


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