Where Time Stands Still

Summertime green


Soon, this wonderful deep green will change. We are in the wettest month of summer. It will stay green. In a few weeks, there will be more heat and less rain. By mid-August much of the green will fade into a sort of dull gray-green. You know what comes next.

The lifecycle never changes.

The wheel keeps turning. It may slow down for a bit. It may speed up for a little while. But, it is relentless. I have to wonder in this pandemic era will something change that shouldn’t. Will the brakes be put on the wheel? Will the lifecycle really speed up?


Will mother nature move at her constant speed, always seeking stasis? Will she provide us with something to hold onto, like a rock in a fast moving river. I believe so. If not, we have been completely cast adrift.

We’ll see.

The Picture

I suppose that’s why I turned to nature the minute the month flipped over in the calendar. Even though mother nature can be rough as she seeks stasis, she can be incredibly comforting. Like this one, many of the pictures that I published in July are green. A color of rebirth. Of rejuvenation. Of hope.

We live in a time that’s going to require a grinding ethos to make it through to the other side. So, rebirth found in nature is a little fuel so that we can carry on.

Hope. That’s what the little sprout in all those ferns me to me. I hope you see that too.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Enjoy all the general tso’s chicken.



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