Age of Miracles

The singer.

You can’t trust me.

Just when I start going in one direction, I turn south and head for another. Seriously, I’m mostly just opportunistic. My neighbor texted me and said, “you gotta hear this beautiful music.” So, I came out. She was right. The music was all gentle 1960s and 70s music, like something Marvin Gaye would sing.

The players were a young man and woman. You guessed it. This is the woman. I asked if I could take a few pictures. They had no problem with that. I did my thing while they did their thing. It was a wonderful experience. We worked together. They were delighted when I said they could have the pictures.

You know what I always say, “Without you I would have no picture.”

In addition to guitar, the young man also plays a little drums with Black Masking Indians. If we ever get to be on the street again, we’ll find each other at the next indian event.

Musical Miss has been saying to anyone who will listen, “I need to play music with other human beings.” I didn’t realize that I needed to work artistically with other human beings.

The Picture

This is just technical stuff. If you notice, the picture is nice and rich and full. That’s because I used my baby Leica. I am a little tired of the image quality that I get from my smartphone. Don’t get me wrong. The phone is fine as it is. But, this is better. It just is.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Enjoy all the macaroni and cheese… made the southern way.



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