Holding Up The Sky

Dusk among the clouds.


Clouds forming at this time of year are pretty special. They aren’t dull gray. They aren’t a cloud layer that no light can penetrate. They do look like the photograph. They are pretty special.

Photographing them is a function of photographer’s luck and always carrying some kind of camera. Besides, there was a dog involved.


For the second time in two weeks when I tried to schedule a post the system failed. Instead of scheduling it I received a notification that it failed. Instead of keeping my post as a draft, WordPress’ fix is to post immediately. This is my second attempt to post on Sunday. The blue rain pictures that were posted yesterday were planned for today.

I have an idea of what’s happening. The engineers were tinkering.

About using the so-called classic template. I suppose if it makes your life easier you should use it. But, it is simply an overlay on top of the block system. I discovered that when I tried to use it. All of the block commands remain to the left and right of the content area.

About the block system. It is actually used in Europe by high end designers who know and understand it. It is called the Blockx system. I have to wonder just how high end they are if they are using templates.

The picture

I discussed the luck of making the photograph at the top of the post. Pictures like this one just happen. There really is no secret to making them. I suppose you do have to pick and choose a little bit in order not to make that same picture repeatedly. That’s it. The photograph pretty much makes itself.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You know what to do. Enjoy the last donut.



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