Maybe World

Looking at the sun nearing Sunset.

Hot. Very hot.

This picture says and feels hot. We have hit that seasonal time when the temperature is 90 degrees at midnight. Walk in the morning because that’s the coolest time. The thermometer might have dropped as far as 85 degrees. It’s the big chill.

We’ve put off doing any errands, even though the freezer is almost bare, because the grocery store is just close enough that the car might cool down or not. I suppose that’s good because Louisiana is fifth in the world for infections per capita. We aren’t out wandering around.

If closing the bars and mandating wearing masks statewide doesn’t work, the next step is another hard lockdown. Doing that could kill small businesses of all kinds, but especially the food service industry.

The question isn’t about the efficacy of social distance and masking. Instead, it’s about people. I hate to use this quote again, but it seems especially appropriate now.

“People! They’re the worst.” — Jerry Seinfeld

The country is so divided, so polarized and so at war with itself, that even a simple thing like wearing a mask is beyond reach. I suspect that it’s going to take personal tragedy for those non-maskers to understand the truth.


The Picture

You know, everything I do these days is really just point and shoot. If there is any talent needed at all, it’s how I see and react. I’ve been doing this for so long, that I don’t see the big deal in doing it. Yet, still…

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You know what to do. Enjoy every burrito.



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