When IT Doesn’t

Sunset at the crossroads.
While I was stopped in traffic.

Storm season.

The soggy time of year. If we don’t get wet from above, we get wet from very moist air. You know, humidity. The number that drives the heat index into numbers unknown. The air temperature might be around 90 degrees, but with the humidity the heat index (feels like) temperature is about 102 degrees.

Too hot to do anything. Even the all seeing dog only wants to go out to do what she needs to do. There are errands to run. We keep those short and compact because we have a masking mandate. We have been to stay home. Again.

I made this picture on one of those errand runs.

After months of figuring out the right time to buy groceries, we stumbled upon it.

First, we did the senior citizen thing. Getting up before 7am to be at a grocery store was a little much. It felt like we were surrendering to the virus. The world was too upside down

An executive decision was made. We’d shop whenever we wanted. Still, we experimented. We wanted to know the least crowded time of day. We wanted to know if that was consistent. We found it by accident.

By accident. That seems to be our way.

We kept put off shopping on a day when there was almost nothing in the refrigerator. We had to go.

So, we went in the evening. I don’t think that I’ve ever done that.

7pm. That’s the time. Most people are home from work, if they still have work. They are likely finishing dinner. There were less than a dozen people in the store. They all wore masks. That happened three weeks in a row.

The Picture

That’s how this picture happened. By accident. I made it after a shopping trip. I’m not normally out at this time. We stopped for a traffic light. The sky was wonderful. I had the time. I made a lot of these pictures. I helped it a bit, but not much.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You know what to do. Enjoy every sunset.



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