White Light

As dusk arrives.


I suppose they are a summer event. I’m pretty sure most of the country has them, although growing up in California, I don’t remember seeing them.

I was drawn to this cloud from a distance. That sideways V caught my eye. I was hoping that it wouldn’t fall apart before I arrived at a location where I could make a nice photograph. The problem was with the all seeing dog. The heat index was through the roof. She was taking her time, sauntering along. I never rush her, but I was kind of saying, “come on, come on.”

We got there.

We always do.

That’s the case with most time-bound events. You always get there, usually on time. At least I do. I try to keep an old Chinese saying in my head. “Go slower, Go further.”

I suppose I could look at photographing natural events as, “It’s just a picture. Missing it won’t kill me.”

Yeah. Right.

This might not work for you, or you, or you. That’s fine. Work at your own pace.

That’s why within certain agreed upon concepts, photography is wide open. I remember the big Golden Rule debate of a few years ago. Newbies, without actually learning what it meant said, “I’m not following any rules.”

Oh, fer…

It’s just a mathematical description for what occurs in nature.

Settle down.

Take your time. Read. Practice. Learn. Rinse and repeat.

That’s my giant photo lesson for today.

The Picture

I told you how I found it.

There was also a technical issue. What part of the scene is most important? Get that straight in your head and expose for it. Obviously, I was interested in the cloud. I knew that certain parts of the picture would be dark or in silhouette. That worked to my advantage because it framed the picture.

I seem to be looking to the sky a lot. That’s much better than looking down at my shuffling feet. Anything helps in this pandemic era.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You know the rest. Enjoy the summer skies.



2 responses to “White Light”

  1. Laura Denise Avatar

    😍 for that photo, but I read all the words, too. 🙂 I tend to look to the sky a lot, too… (#understatement)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I did it again. But, we have spectacular clouds and thunderheads this time of year. If you poked around on Storyteller you would find that I photograph a lot of people.

      Liked by 1 person

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