Where Time Stands Still

So close.


Two days in a row.

I could say that I posted them because I felt like it. That’s not the truth. Yesterday’s were after the storm. Today’s were made as the dog and I went for our morning walk. A big storm was coming. In fact, rain fell all day. That was the last time we made it outside.

My Story

I guess ya’ll like my story. There were a lot of views and a lot of comments. I’m glad and humbled by that. I have no idea why you responded as you did. I’m guessing that even though your story isn’t my story, it touches something in you. After all, I haven’t heard of a perfect family. Have you?

Mine seems just a little weird.

I’m still trying to figure out how my aunt had so many children well before she was married. Yeah, yeah. I know. But, this is 1939 we are talking about. I’m not aware that anybody on both sides of my family are that far ahead of their time. Mr. Miller must have been great guy if he wasn’t the father, but adopted all of them.

I wish I had more to add. For now, I don’t. I did manage to confirm by looking at maps that both of my paternal grandparents came from where they said that they did. That’s something.

The Picture

I couldn’t resist. The clouds were just too dissimilar from the one’s the I published yesterday. I really didn’t have much work to do in post production. I probably made the darker clouds a little more purple. By accident.

So many accidents. So much luck.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every french fry.



2 responses to “Where Time Stands Still”

  1. Laura Denise Avatar

    😊😊 I love that you posted clouds—my favorite—two days in a row, and you are being drawn into nature lately. 😊😊 (My pup just had to go out in the middle of the night—which is rare—but the moon was spectacular, so I’m glad! I took a few sleepy camera photos and am reading you back to sleep.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you. Unfortunately, nature isn’t doing it for me. I spent about two years walking in the neighborhood with Sophie Rose while I was in some bad pain. I would walk as I could. I thought surgery was where i was headed. I more senior doctor worked with me and the pain was bursitis. After a couple of steroid shots, I feel fine. Or as fine as i can with a replaced hip. If you read tomorrows blog, you’ll see what I need.

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