Where Time Stands Still

Deep Green.

Another trip into the green.

This time it’s ferns. The really deep green feathery kind. The ones that if you didn’t know better you’d jump into because they look so soft. They aren’t. Don’t do it.

This is going to be a little short because Queen Kim’s second line jazz funeral is being held today. I’m wearing a mask. I’ll be very careful, but I can’t keep myself on the sidelines for much longer, This is important to me.

This is supposed tp be a small second line. Uh huh. The city is mourning Kim. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mayor didn’t try to sneak in wearing a mask.


The weather. Sheesh. Was I ever wrong.

Both storms will arrive as Category 1 hurricanes. All of Louisiana is under one or the other cone of variance, with them overlapping right over New Orleans. If NOAA is correct we’ll have wind and rain from the outer bands of one or both storms by late Sunday night. If the storms connect, we are in trouble.

Or, not.

Things could change. I tell this story. I was student teaching a university class. It was Tuesday night. As I was wrapping up the class I said that there is a big hurricane in the gulf headed towards Atlanta. And, I’ll see you next Tuesday.

I never saw that class again.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Look after each other. Enjoy every MRI (meals ready to eat).



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