The truth.

The truth about nature.

She does whatever she wants. You can’t control her and you can’t predict her. It seems to me that she is showing that in three ways. We can’t get our arms around a rampant virus. The west is burning. And, we are being threatened with two hurricanes at once.

We dodged a bullet with the first hurricane. Marco was downgraded to a tropical depression. All tropical storms warnings are removed. She glanced off the coast of Louisiana, making a kind of landfall well west of New Orleans. This, despite the exhortations of the big name weather people on The Weather Channel.

All I can say about that is I want one of their jobs. They are wrong 90% of the time. They act like idiots and yet they keep their jobs.

There is some question about Hurricane number two. Laura has not yet entered the gulf far enough to know where she is going. NOAA, who I trust way more than any weather channel, says that she is headed to the Texas-Louisiana border. She won’t come anywhere near us. With luck, that won’t change.

They say that if you talk about the weather you have nothing to say. They is wrong.

If you live down here you talk about how hot it is. You talk about how humid it is. You talk about how wet it is. You talk about hurricanes and tropical storms. And, for the few days when the weather turns cold, you complain loudly about that.


The Picture

The one thing that the storm brought is amazing skies. I couldn’t help but make a good picture. Or, twenty. Or, 391. I didn’t go that far, but you know what I mean. I know you know.

I did help this picture some. I added a little color to a very monochromatic picture. I did that in a surprisingly weird way. I used the fake bokeh tool. See that little thumb print looking thing on the left above the power pole? That’s bokeh. Supposedly.

Oh yeah. I added a border. I’ve been doing that lately as a way of finishing a picture.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Take care of each other. Enjoy every bowl of homemade soup.



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