All That Reckoning

Not dead yet.

Not that late.

No. We aren’t under siege.

Hurricane Lucy will hit Lake Charles likely as a Category 4 storm. I haven’t been there for a long time. The city isn’t as little as I described it. Not anymore. They are bigger than we are. They are a city of 780,000 people. That makes them the largest city in the state without making a big deal about it. I’m hopeful and sad all at once.

We will likely get some storm surge which won’t bother us. And, some wind. The gusts are strong enough to make the spaniels look like they are flying as their ears fly up over their heads. They seem to like it.

The rest. We are good in practical terms. Because of the wind there is a chance that we might lose power. But, Entergy has reworked our lines so much that I feel pretty secure.

I’d like to say that we good emotionally. This storm passes through exactly three says until the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in Buras, Louisiana. Those of us who went through it get a little weird right now, showing a lot of PTSD symptoms. Me? I think I’m okay although my response time seems to have gotten quicker. And, I’m a little edgy.

The Picture

I told you, summer is starting to look like autumn around certain trees. The temperatures certainly aren’t fall-like, especially today. The ambient humidity has dropped way down because we have so much wind.

I’d work today but there really isn’t much visually to tell the story of a hurricane. No rain. Leaden skies and wind. Unless the wind speed gets higher, wind is really hard to photograph. If I had any guts I’d drive down to Viloet which is almost at the mouth of the river. That’s where the river pilots take control of the big freighters heading upriver. That would be fun. And, really dangerous. The pilot houses look like broken down shacks on stilts. I’m sure the river would be well over the two lane road.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Take care of each other. Enjoy every sandwich.



8 responses to “All That Reckoning”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar



    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. We are done now. The folks to the west of us have a long road ahead fo them.


  2. stewarts01 Avatar

    Wonderful colors!

      – S


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. Run up my numbers. Then I can get better ads.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. We are. Ot’s over here. The poor folks in Lake Charles have a very long road ahead of them.


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