Above Ground

Every green.

Starting the month with something a little peaceful.

I have a suspicion that things are going to get much worse before they get better. So, we start with a peaceful picture.

Things are going to get worse at every level.

Locally, many of the schools opened today. They are woefully unprepared. There is a very good possibility that the virus is going to explode in the next couple of weeks.

This will happen across the nation as schools begin to reopen.

There was a story on NPR about a school district in Georgia whose school board told the teachers to limit classroom size to 25% of normal. Then, they said not to do that while the principal was talking to the teachers about the new limitation. Their final statement was that as many teachers who wanted to, could teach remotely, from home. So many teachers chose that option that there were only enough in classroom teachers to teach 10% of the students.

Do you ever get the idea that the leaders are just flat out terrible? I get it. This is new to everybody. The administrators had since March to work on this. They had the time to formulate plan a, b, c, and d. They had the time to acquire new equipment. They had he time to test it, teach, and refine.

In Louisiana, we also have Hurricane Laura evacuees. Some will stay in crowded shelters with almost no way to protect themselves from the virus. Some came here to stay in hotels that have no business because of the pandemic. I predict those hotels will have their own mini-pandemic.

That’s not all.

The country seems to be at war with itself. You know the details. The moron in The White House is egging it on. He’s so desperate to win in November that his only option appears to cast himself as a law and order president. The would be great if…

He wasn’t egging on violence.


If pretty much the entire administration had not broken as many laws as they could get away with.

This is only going to get worse as we get closer to election day.

Did I mention that the United States Post Office problems were further exacerbated by this administration? Talk about voter suppression.

This country need an entire house cleaning. You know, like the one you do in spring when you throw out boxes of stuff you no longer use so you stored them?

That’s my take from my basement room.

Wait? What?

There are no basements in New Orleans.

The picture

I made another picture of a group of ferns. It was backlighted slightly to create a nice highlight in the middle. I decided to add something to it. I found that bare tree image that I’ve posted in the past. I layered them. I blended them. I enhanced the color and contrast.

That’s what I did.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every sandwich.

One more thing.

The new and improved Block system was at its worst today. At first, it wouldn’t properly open the page after I added a new block. It created black spaces where type, the picture and the sidebar information should be. Sometimes, they were squares. Sometime, angles. Once I managed to get it working it gave me problems editing text. I wanted to edit a word, it put a box around the paragraph contain the word and wanted to delete the whole thing.




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  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    💚…enjoy your sandwich Ray☺️ keep looking up 💫


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