Soul Years


Between friends. Friends who are photographers. We talked about this and that. Then, we started talking about how we move from the photographers that we are to the photographers that we want to be.

We are all photo veterans. We probably have about 175 years of experience between us. We all seem to want to make pictures that are art, but our individual art. We are still figuring that out.

Then, I read a long Instagram post by a photographer who is a mentor. He was reviewing a book. Every picture was soft. The pictures were a little sharper than mine, but they gave the subject matter a very artistic feel. He loved it. I loved it.

The one thing that I’m sure of is that try as I might, I can’t make you see what I saw and feel what I felt. Your view is your view. You gain that by your years of experience. I can influence it a little, but that’s about it.

The search within continues on. I believe my word for the year is learn. That sort of slipped by the wayside in 2020. I know you know why.

The picture

I worked with my baby Leica throughout the summer. Since I wasn’t photographing enough with it I just saved the summer on one card. I finally processed it this morning.

These pictures were made earlier in the summer.

First, I did what I always do and made normal work. I started thinking about how I could change things up. I used manual focus. I intentionally let these three picture go out of focus. Of all the images that I made at the dusk turning to dark night I like these best.

They are an impression of an impression.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy the whole pizza.



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