When I began.


After working to get ready for Hurricane Sally last night, I went to bed. I slept. I awoke at my usual time. That was nowhere near enough sleep. I did some morning work, walked Sophie and came home. I finished reading the news of that day. Sophie was sleeping on the bed. That looked good so I laid down thinking that I’d rest my eyes.

Three hours later.

Here I am.


Hurricane Sally. Late last night she turned a little more east. That means although we are still in the cone and will get wind and rain, the bulk of the water and wind will mostly hit Mississippi. I wish them no harm. But, I’m grateful. Things could change. Nature does what she wants to do. Right now, I’m convinced she’d like her planet back.

That’s the weather report for yer man in New Orleans.

I’d discuss something from the news, but luckily I forgot what I read.

The picture

I found a parking lot with freshly painted yellow lines. This being the greenhouse south some grass had already grown up on one edge. I photographed that. After a little work in post, I created something that could have stood on its own.

You know me. I can never leave well enough alone.

I found a picture in my archives that I thought might work as a layer. It did. I adjusted it, put a border around it and you are looking at it right now.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Stay dry. Enjoy the fish that washed up on your lawn.



2 responses to “Sleeping”

  1. aFrankAngle Avatar

    Interesting the treatment . Good luck with Sally.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I like to play. Today’s page is a different kind of playing. Sally headed east. We are no longer in the cone. It’s unlikely that we’ll get any rain or wind.


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