River Runs Deep

When the weather changes,

Even though Sally never reached us, we still have summer storms. Yesterday the clouds sort of swirled around and brought us to scenes like the one you see above. We also had cooler temperatures with little humidity. Being outside felt great, The all seeing cocker spaniel liked it so much that we went on three long walks. She was prancing as we made our way around the neighborhood.

Today is a quiet day with lots to do.

A video producer reached out to me and wants to license pictures that I made 40 years ago when I was working for my career starting newspaper chain in southwest Virginia. The backstory is simple.


A woman was killed after having a club. The man who killed her did a great job of hiding her body. All evidence pointed to him so he was tried and convicted. It was commonwealths first bodiless trial. Fast forward to 40 years later and the story is being made into one of those mystery who done its for something like The History Channel.

I have all of my film from those days. It’s in a box and has never properly been archived. This will really take a good measure of photographer’s luck. I’ll let you know what happens.

The picture. You know my drill. See it, photograph it.Try to do as little in post production as possible. For sure, I darkened the sky. Smart phones want to balance out the shadows and highlights. That’s fine. But, you have to bring back what you lost to match what the eye saw and the brain understood.

Stay safe. Stay might. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Enjoy every cup of coffee.



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