On the inside.

The greatest story ever told. Maybe not the greatest, but very close. I’ve been looking for more upbeat thoughts. I heard one yesterday. A friend of mine said that his wife had stage four cancer. Note that word. Had. Usually at that point it’s all over but the funeral.

Not this time.

Somehow she was given the wrong chemo. Somehow. Mistakes are always made in hospitals. Some of them life threatening, some not.

In this case the mistake produced wonderful results.

After months of fighting this thing, her scans showed no trace of cancer. What was predicted to kill her was gone. Chemo treatments will continue for about a month to make sure that her cancer stays gone.

In 2020, with everything beating us about the head and shoulders, this is truly a miracle. My friend was so happy that he told people that he didn’t know. It put a smile on their faces, just as it put a huge smile on mine.

Hopefully, it’ll put a smile on yours.

The picture. If the picture looks more like spring than autumn, that’s because it is a picture of spring. I wanted something light and happy to match my words. Sorta. It’s an older archive picture. I made it durning my days if living in New Mexico. This rooting around in my archives has reveled many images that I’d forgotten about.

You’ll see more tomorrow. Something about roads and New Mexican light.

There is a trick to this picture. Expose for the dark leaves so that the back leaves are blown out and made pastel. Once you’ve done that everything falls into place.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your masks. Enjoy every burrito.



2 responses to “Encore”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    Good news! 💚👌💫 I made homemade coleslaw 👌😂 enjoy your burrito Ray ~ sending joy hedy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Yes it is. I’ve never hear of such a thing. You know I rarely eat the food I tell you to eat.


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