Louisiana Sky

Time. I’ve been saying that it’s lost its meaning. That it just seems to flow. That its numbers are meaningless. That the only way to mark time is by listening to nature. I still believe that.

In my heart, I know time is getting short. We are a little over four weeks to an election that may very well determine our democracy. That will change the course of the entire world.

It’s time. To dig in. To work.

For me it is also time to call the ghosts, the long gone gurus and the long passed masters. We need the cavalry. The ancestors need to come riding into the fray and change the balance.

For me, it started yesterday.

Here’s what happened. We were walking the dogs. Not just the all seeing dog, but all of her brothers and sisters. We arrived at a little pocket park. They like going there mid-walk because they can sit on the grass, roll around and play. They can do this at home, but this is a new place.

There are two benches there. We sat on one. On the other bench were three youngish women, maybe in their late twenties or early thirties. On white, one brown, one black. The future. The future that is now.

We said hello, and I realized it was time for “Songs From Home,” Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Sunday morning mini-mini-concert. We played it on my phone.

I think that MCC is feeling the way I am. She called on a living master, calling his song one of the best songs that had ever been written. She played Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changing.”

Covers are covers. She played this one straight. Her voice was clear and powerful.

Listening on it on my phone meant that it was loudish. The three young women stopped talking and started listening. I held my phone so they could see too.

Afterward, they asked who the singer was, and what was the name of the song. I told them the backstory. About a time of change that began in the early 60s and lasted for almost a decade. I also added that we blew it. We had a chance and we dropped the ball.

We all introduced ourselves. As the old one, they asked me what I thought.

I said, “I’m old now. I may have one more fight in me. But, it’s your world now. Make it a good one.”

Art. I’m not really sure there is a real definition of it. The closest I can come is what John Lennon said about his songs. When he was asked what his songs meant, he said, “whatever you want them to mean.”

I think that applies to whatever we classify as art. Art is whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to be what we commonly call an artist.

You could be a mechanic who feels the car. Or, a baker who feels the flour.

You can’t say that these people aren’t artists. Convince me otherwise.

Many people call me artist. It’s a mantle that I’ve long resisted. I take pictures of whatever I see. I do that when I have a job. That’s what I get paid to do.

In order to test the theory of my artistry, every once in a while I experiment with a photograph.

I made this picture while we were on a test road trip. I pointed my camera out of the passenger side window. Passenger side window. Note that. I wasn’t driving. We were just rolling along River Road on the Westbank.

I liked what I saw. So I pressed the button. When we returned home I let the take marinate. When I started culling my work, this picture popped out at me, not for what it was but for what it could be.

I started tinkering. I tinkered some more. I kept going on two software programs. Out came this picture.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your masks. Stay healthy. Enjoy your time, it’s shorter than you know.



4 responses to “Jericho”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    Yup time flies ☺️🤓 the younger humans will call you a creative Ray…lovely story I can picture it…smiles from cowtown ~ hedy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Nah. Younger humans are ageist AF.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sbhopper8 Avatar

    Yea I’m here for this whole post. All of it. Happy to be seeing your posts again. It’s been a while and we’re all getting old, so I’ll recap. I left for Squarespace. Good place, but I probably shouldn’t have left. WordPress has more community, even if the site doesn’t foster that like it should. Missed opportunity. Recently switched from Squarespace to Ghost. Goodness gracious for a non techie these moves are hard. I like Ghost, but they’re still missing out on the community part. Hmmm, maybe I could sell them on a community builder role. Anyways, to get there, I had to fire up WordPress again, which has been great! Seeing posts from people I’ve followed. Better at Feedly now, have added your URL. The old man (me) learns…It’s late, I’m rambling, I love that photo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Nobody but WordPress fosters any sort of community. That’s one of their biggest selling points. I followed you on Ghost which seems to be a lot like patron, which a lot of people really like. The problem with any social media is that you have to market the hell out of your site whatever it happens to be. Even then, you can only build a small community unless you are famous. I have a portfolio website, with a blog and there is no way to import followers. It would be nice if every played nicely, but they are all competitors…


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