Half The Sky

The speed of nature.

Changes in the weather can be extreme. Yesterday, the high temperature was 86 degrees. Today, we likely won’t get much above 60 degrees. I love it. The all seeing dog will love it. Some weather people are calling it a cold front. Maybe so, but it leads us right into cooler dryer weather.


Fall fell.

We need something joyous. We’ve been cooped up hiding from the virus. We’ve been watching cities burn in the course of extremists pushing aside legitimate BLM protesters. We have an election coming up that scares me. I read a piece in The Washington Post that basically said November will be among the darkest times ever in my country.

I also read something interesting about veterans of foreign wars. The author said that everyone who served in combat served in hell. Eventually, a kind of recovery took place over many years. Hell receded into the background.

The vet who wrote this said that if the so-called Trump base decides to start what amounts to a civil war because their candidate lost, they will put the veterans back in hell. The vets know how to fight and that these wannabe soldiers with too many guns strapped to their bodies will learn about hell. They will learn that humanity disappears in a real war.

After all, the vets swore an oath to uphold the constitution. The far right owe their allegiance to one man. A bad man. One who gets worse with every tick of the clock.

Imagine reading this while eating your Corn Flakes in the morning. I about spit them out.

Is that where we’ve come to?

Talk of a shooting war on United States soil over the results of an election? Are the dark clouds really that dark? Talk of a new surge in the novel virus? Are the clouds getting darker?

God, I hope not.

I’ll have to fight or just leave. I already live in a third world Caribbean city.

Red leaves on a dark background with the sun shining through, illuminating them, is an eye catching display. At least, that’s what I saw.

There is an exposure trick that helps with this kind of powerful backlight.

If you let the meter pick the exposure the entire picture will be washed out. You can fix it in post production, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, meter for the highlight, which is the red leaves. Get that right and the background goes dark. Not so much work in post production.

There you have it. A bright fall picture. The one that you dreamed of last night.

Stay safe. Stay mighty, Wear your mask. Enjoy every salad.

For the record, I don’t eat any of the food that I suggest that you enjoy. I don’t really like most of it, especially local food like Creole or Cajun things.



8 responses to “Half The Sky”

  1. djmoose6475 Avatar

    Man Oh man! Have you swallowed the democratic Kool-Aid. The party that wants to stack the Supreme Court( Roosevelt tried it in the 40s), assault the Supreme court nominee because of he religious beliefs, dfund police departments, ignore riots in the street as mostly peaceful, etc. Another assumption you make is that all veterans dislike or hate Trump. What vets have you been speaking to? Finally, I am glad to see you have declared Trump a “bad” man. What makes Biden so “good”? China payments, total lack of accomplishments in 47 years, or posturing for leftists beliefs.?
    Enjoy the debates.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      How did you who went to school in the Vietnam era turn into such right wing zealot? What makes Trump.a bad man? I don’t have time to answer that? You probably shouldn’t read me anymore.


      1. djmoose6475 Avatar

        Well I just wanted to set the facts straight. While we are at it, what makes Biden such a good man? Do you believe the socialist agenda listed in the democratic platform? How about the tax increases and the phasing out of fossil fuels and outlawing fracking? Finally, what has Biden done for this country in the last 47 years? Nothing.


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Talk about cool aid. If you really want to do this, let’s contrast Trump with Bidon. Trump has five children by three women. He cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second wife. He cheated on the first lady right after she had given birth, with a stripper. Meanwhile, after Biden lost part of his family to a car crash, he continued to work in DC commuting home every night to Delaware to be with his children. He never grabbed anybody by the pussy. He never saw them and started kissing them and he never cheated on his taxes. While Biden paid $300K in taxes, Trump paid $750 in taxes. I bet you paid more than that. I know that I did.

        The Democratic platform is fairly moderate because Biden is fairly moderate. I suppose that I am a socialist because I like social security and medicare, two strong tenants of socialist theory. The tax increases of which you speak are on the top 1% of the population. I’m not aware that either you or I fit that criterion. Because I like the planet and hope that our kids can live here for a long time, I am solidly for alternative fuels. Why would you be for something that hurts the planet and is just plain old fashioned? Fracking hurts the earth. There have been earthquakes because of it in states that never had earthquakes, like Oklahoma and Kansas. Biden has done a lot for the country. He lead the return to financial stability after the crash of 2007-2008 . He drove some legislature that you should like because it cracked down on crime in ways that weren’t healthy.


        I’m trying to figure you out. We both came from the same place at the same time. We grew up during the Vietnam era. We are both Catholic, although I may not be much of one. We both lived in Texas. My wife is a native Texan. And yet, you stick by a man who should turn your stomach for the way he treats women and his wives in particular. You stick by a man who bullies people and lies as easy as he breaths. How is it possible that you back a man like that? I’m not the biggest Biden fan in the world. If John McCain was alive and running against him, I’d have a tough time deciding who to support. A better question is why would you support Trump, who has done nothing for you. He hasn’t built the wall. In fact, he’s only built a few miles of new fence. He hasn’t stopped drugs from entering the country because they never came over the border. His trade war has cost us all money because we pay for it at the checkout aisle. His tax break actually cost me money while giving breaks to the top 1%. Every time he talks about bringing a business back to the US, the business either lays off staff or goes belly up. His denial (on tape) of the current CoVid19 crisis cost us the most valuable thing of all… lives. He still doesn’t know what he’s doing about it, except to denigrate scientists who are the experts. And, I still want to see his 2016 tax report.

        Your floor, if you care to rebut, counselor.


      3. djmoose6475 Avatar

        How do yo back a Catholic who backs the abortion policies of Planned Parenthood? I view Biden as a man of little accomplishments and a man without a backbone. I don’t say Trump is a saint, but neither is Biden. So if your man wins I hope you like the consequences of a poor economy, socialized medicine, and total anarchy in the cities with depleted police forces and resources.
        As far as the wall goes, the house has stymied any building of the wall just as Nancy and friends have stalled the second stimulus and relief bill. But Joe called the travel ban on China as racist and xenophobic. Come on Ray, Joe has no clue how to handle the virus, he has no plan except to say don’t trust Trump on the virus vaccine. Trump isn’t making the vaccine, the drug companies are. They are poised to distribute millions of doses immediately.
        I sleep well at night. My wife agrees with me on Trump, she is from Louisiana. We lived in Texas for twenty years. Moved because our daughter lives near us, so we are close to some of our grandchildren.

        Ray we will have to do something Nancy Pelosi and her minions can’t seem to do. Agree to disagree and move on.


      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Because, I believe and abortion is between a woman and her God. I don’t think the state should interfere at all. It shouldn’t be a criminal offense, nor should it be done lightly.

        Biden knows how to work the levers of politics. Your worries are completely unfounded. It’ll take at least one term to repair all the damage.

        Poor economy? What do we have now? Most of my friends and I haven’t worked for months. I have two careers and both are about dead.

        Anarchy? Huh? Police forces will be delated because of the virus. Cities aren’t collecting enough of the usual taxes. My city is laying off all kinds of support staff. Police and fire come last, but they are already stretch thin.

        If Pelosi stymied the wall, good on her. There was never a point to it except Trump promised it. It stops nobody. It never could. The big metal gates have been breach with tools you can buy at any hardware store. Drug dealers go around by every method possible. But, it was a good way to put children in cages, likely to never see their family again.

        Stall the second bill? No, they proposed a good bill, a compromise between Pelosi and her Republican colleagues. Granny Clampet is trying to let it die on his desk, just like so many other positive legislation. His problem is that the Senate version of the bill is so thin that it won’t help anyone.

        Joe will listen to the scientists while yer boy attacks them. Just how are drug companies going to distribute millions of doses of basically untested vaccine? Trump keeps saying the military will do it. The drug manufacturers are doing the right thing for once. They are saying slow down and we’ll take care of distribution. They know better. Anything that Trump touches dies.

        Well, there’s Louisiana and New Orleans. I couldn’t live in Louisiana even though I’ve lived somewhere in the south for 40 years, except for living in Hong Kong and relocating to New Mexico after Hurricane Katrina. My wife comes from Dallas. Her parents live about a block away from “W.” When we visit we bring the dogs. When we walk them, we pass in front of his house. I guess we can’t be too bad since the Secret Service vetted us. And, we’ve gotten two hang out with W and Laura a little. He’s a nice guy. Laura runs the house and him. 🙂

        You’re right. That’s enough of this. But, it’s turned civil. Please reply and let’s talk about something else. What kind of law did you practice? Kim is also a lawyer. She is a merger and acquisitions specialist, with a sub specialty in contracts. Her underlying theory is, “Negotiate, don’t litigate. “


      5. djmoose6475 Avatar

        I agree wasn’t the old wisdom never discuss religion and politics? I was an AF JAG for twenty years. I was a torts and contracts attorney, a prosecutor, defense attorney, government contracts attorney, civilian personal attorney and a disability lawyer for the last 4 and 1/2 years of my career. We also provided legal assistance as well as wills and powers of attorney. Finally, I was a prosecutor in Federal district court for those civilians comitting crimes on base. Civilians can not be prosecuted in military courts (UCMJ).

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Yep. You are right. Especially at a big family Thanksgiving dinner. Impressive career. Sounds like you are well versed in many areas of the law. Kim is so focused that I’m not sure she could practice some of that law these days.


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