Changes. I have a friend — a photographer — who seems to think that my work is as good as some of the masters. I completely disagree. I replied to his email about getting me print sales via a couple of well know — in the photography world — websites by saying I’m just one of 274, 987 photographers in the world.

I see a lot of pictures. Good, bad and derivitive. The derivative pictures are mostly on Instagram and its big brother, Facebook. You know, one person makes an interesting picture and 749 other photographers copy the original.

How boring.

But, this isn’t a rant about that. It’s a rant about me. I am truly bored with my own new work. I’m derivative. Of myself. I make a new picture and I think, “oh wow. this is cool.” When I return home, I find that I’ve already made the picture last year, the year before, and the year before that.


Falling to earth.

Oh goody. The picture. I saw it, I photographed it. I did very little in post production. Nature did most of the work. It may also be nature’s way of tell ing me something’s wrong.

What is the point of making this picture again in a month, or in a year?

Some people have told me that I’m wrong. Nature changes daily. One guy made that point by showing me a series of sunsets. Boy oh boy, he was right, they were different. But, they were so much alike that I couldn’t tell them from the other 20 million sunset pictures scattered all over the internet.

Don’t believe me?

Go to Google images and search for sunsets. Start on Saturday. By the end of the next week you’ll be done looking at each one.

Oh well.

Maybe I’ll find a subject that interests me enough to explore it for a good long while.

Stay safe. Stay well. Wear your masks.



2 responses to “Reminder”

  1. sleckiegraphics Avatar

    Ray – Been there, done that. When I add new photos to the archives, I find similar photos. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, mostly repetitive. Perhaps repetitive is a fourth category.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Because pf my past infirmities mostly what I did was walk dogs. They are creatures of habit and like to walk the same five routes. So, that’s what I took pictures of.

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